Ida Thoresen

Ida Thoresen (1992) entered this world in Drammen, close to Oslo, where she still resides. In her early teens she started using the camera to capture the beautiful nature by the sea in Norway. From there on her fascination for photography evolved gradually to become her choice of career.

Her work is inspired by her passion for music, bands and fan culture. She likes to experiment with ambience and light. She uses her camera as a tool to tell stories that catches her attention. She is intrigued by the ambiguities of the Polaroid surface that combined with digital imagery produce a dreamlike quality.

My projects


by Ida Thoresen

on 01 May 2013

A photographic project exploring the connection between living spaces, personality and economic situation.

Wednesday Dinner

by Ida Thoresen

on 16 April 2013

Every week The Wednesday Dinner gathers people of all ages, nationality and faith to cook, dine and to share thoughts. Everyone is welcome.


by Ida Thoresen

on 29 November 2012

The open road is a mystery, a freedom and an endless opportunity. It can take you home or allow you to run away. This is where the open road took me, but the journey has just begun.

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